Sortie « Les Co-Pains »

One day out : the making of bread and goat cheese.

Great day out ! In the morning, we went to the bakery « Les co-pains » and in the afternoon we visited a goat farm in Cambremer. It was very instructive.

1) The bakery :

The name of the bakery is « Les Co-pains » because we make the bread together. There was a cabin in the trees. The bakery is in the countryside and it is small. The baker has many music instruments. He played djembe and he told stories about Africa. The bakery is a half-timbered house. It is in the norman countryside, in St Aubin sur Algot village.

The baker :

His name is Eric Klaassen. He has curly hair, he is tall and strong. He has grey hair. He has one dog called Babouche. He is a baker. He sells organic bread on markets in Lisieux, Cambremer and Caen.

The making of bread :

First, we put on tablecloths. Then, we washed our hands. We mixed the flour, water, sea salt and yeast together. We kneaded the dough. After, we let stand the dough. With the dough, we made baguettes. Finally, we cooked the baguettes during twenty minutes.

Impressions :

We were like real bakers. We liked the baker because he was funny and kind. It was difficult to understand English but it was interesting. The dough was sticky but it was funny. We tasted bread, it was hot and delicious. We loved it and our parents too.

2) The goat farm :

We went to the goat farm of Mimarel in Cambremer. It was a medium-size farm. There were many goats.

The farmer :

Jacques Antoine Motte welcomed us. Jacques Antoine Motte’s dog is Escalope. He breeds goats and he has large plots of land. He explained to us the making of goat cheese .

First, we walked until the farm. We listened to the explanation of Mr Motte about the making of cheese. Then, we tasted three different kinds of goat cheese. We went inside the farm and we stroked the goats. We milked the goats and we drank the milk. It was warm.

Impressions :

The teachers liked the tasting of goat cheese. The cheese was good. We liked milking the goats. It was sticky. We were happy because we stroked the goats.

Article réalisé en collaboration par les classes de 6e du Collège Hée Fergant
Travail réalisé avec Mme Becque (SVT) et Mme Bigeon (Anglais)

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